Addicted to nocturnes: my confession

Creative people, I have a question for you: what is your perfect time for creation of something? As for me, evening or night time is ideal. I feel most concentrated and attentive while everything slows down its race and sinks. I have a marvelous view from my window and often I admire lights of the night city. It inspires me and makes me think about the most complicated and essential aspects of our life. The majority of my reflections and conclusions published on the blog appear at night.

Escaping reality on “Night Boulevard”

Being so addicted to nocturnes, I bought a fascinating painting made by Leonid Afremov, one of the well-known American geniuses of contemporary oil art. It is called “Night Boulevard”. His modern art canvas is made in an impressionistic manner and enchants me very much. On his site, you may a lot of both single pictures and canvas art sets for sale.

“Night Boulevard” is not just a piece of art for me:

  • It is a story, state of mind, mood.
  • I like it’s a bit melancholic and solitary ambience.
  • It calms me down and enables me to think and create.

Leonid Afremov is an extraordinary expressive artist who has a pile of dynamic, vivid and very emotional paintings in his arsenal. But my heart completely belongs to such pieces of art like “Night Boulevard”, because my professional life is full of movement, noise and fuss on its own.

My abstract past and impressionistic future

Before I got acquainted with artistic heritage of Leonid Afremov, I found sanctuary in abstract art. My house is full of different pieces featuring odd and unusual character and manner. Fortunately, to buy abstract canvas art is not a thing of high priority for me anymore. I found more harmonious and pleasant way to decorate my living space with Afremov’s ambient works. Currently, I already have several units in my home collection. It goes without saying, they all are nocturnes.

  • “Paris of My Dream” is the most fascinating Eiffel Tower view I’ve ever seen.
  • “Alley by the Lake” is a painted romantic story about a couple walking on the front.
  • “Germany – Medieval Rothenberg” is dedicated to the country of my dreams — Germany.

Moreover, I have a long wishlist of paintings that I’m going to buy in the nearest future, so my collection will be enriched very soon. And if you are still looking for a unique contemporary art canvas, buy it at and do not forget to impart your happiness with me on this spot.


Addicted to nocturnes: my confession

Looters hunt: cyber version

Good news, guys! In February, I will head to Vancouver and attend my favorite inspiring TED conference. A couple of days ago, I read an article about Sarah H. Parcak, a pioneering “satellite archaeologist” at This woman gained TED Prize for her continuous digital battle against looting of the precious archeological locations. She uses satellite mapping and tracking technologies for spying on armies of looters in Egypt. And now her goal is to use the same approach on the Middle East and all over the world. I find it very exciting and useful!  Fortunately, the winning of this prestigious award ($1 million) extends her potential.  Believe that such brilliant idea will help us to save our cultural preservation.

Have you ever attended TED meetings or watched its infusive videos on YouTube? It is definitely worth your attention! They make you think, analyze and invent new things. They inspire me a lot. Such people who do incredible things, make unpredictable discoveries motivate me to become better each day, to read more and cultivate my abilities.

TED talks are another chance for me to communicate with professionals from different departments of science, industry, technology, culture, etc. You never know how these new acquaintances can change your life in future.  That’s why I always try to play my cards right during such meetings.  Certainly, I will describe my adventures at TED on my blog, so get round oftener in order not to miss my articles. Good luck and own it!

Looters hunt: cyber version

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